Formatting best practices

Table of Contents

For larger articles with multiple sections, use a table of content. With Timelapse, table of contents can be generated automatically from H2 tags in an article.

When to use Bold

Use strong/bold formatting to designate:
  • Buttons: Click the Submit button; 
  • Drop-down menus and items: Select Many from the Options drop-down menu.
  • Paths: Go to Support > Account > Billing.
  • Checkboxes: Select the User and Administrator checkboxes.
  • Notes, Tips, Warnings: Note: This option is no longer available.

Steps and procedures

Ordered lists make it easier to read a procedure or step-by-step instructions.

  1. Click on the New button
  2. Write a title
  3. Click Save
When relevant, include images within lists

  1. Sort topics using the handle on the left
    sort-topics.gif 53.67 KB
  2. Next step
  3. Final step

Images and attachments

Quotes and code

Use the available Quote and Code formats, it makes such content much easier to read.

Some clever quote.

def some_function
    print "code block"

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